MayKao Hang
Mark Brown / University of St. Thomas

In the News: Health care systems desperate to fill nursing vacancies – new program at University of St. Thomas aims to help

Founding dean of the Morrison Family College of Health, Dr. MayKao Hang, spoke with KSTP News about how the University of St. Thomas' new nursing program will help to address the demand for more staff within the health care system.

From the article: Over the last few years, to address this demand, the University of St. Thomas has been creating its first-ever nursing program. The founding dean for the Morrison Family College of Health, Dr. MayKao Hang, says there’s already interest before the program’s first class. 

“It's like a crisis,” Hang said. “Our clinical partners wish that we were up already and could have had nurses graduating from the program."

Hang said the new program will likely get final approval in November and then students can start applying to be part of the nursing program’s inaugural classes in the fall of 2022.