Faculty, staff and students interested in amateur radio (ham radio) are invited to join the newly established University of St. Thomas Radio Club. The purpose of the club is primarily to encourage and support involvement in amateur radio at UST.

Amateur radio is more than just tapping out Morse code. (In fact, you can now get a Ham license without knowing Morse code.) Hams are involved with worldwide “phone” conversations, satellite communications, slow-scan TV transmissions, facsimile and data transmissions, high altitude balloon telemetry and electronics.

Hams have a long history of public service volunteer efforts, such as Skywarn severe weather spotting, and in assisting emergency services departments and the Red Cross in emergency situations. Amateur radio is also an international hobby. Some notable examples are the contacts with the late King Hussein of Jordan and with Hams on space shuttles and on MIR.

You do not need an active amateur license to be a member. Classes for those interested in becoming licensed will be offered this spring. The club is in the process of securing funding to provide a radio station on campus for use by licensed members of the UST community.

If you are interested in becoming a ham radio operator or if you are already licensed, please contact Tom Sturm, (965) 962-5479, tpsturm; or Joe Kreitzer (651) 962-5683, jlkreitzer. You also may contact them for more information or to be included on a mailing list.


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