International Fair is Oct. 4

International Fair is Oct. 4

The 2007 International Fair will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 4, in Coughlan Field House.

See the world from the inside when you tour the 17-foot tall (22-foot diameter) Earth Balloon.

Experience a bit of nearly all the countries and cultures represented by international students at UST – you may get to play some games and try on some of their traditional clothing!

Attendees also may tour a 17-foot-high Earth balloon and see the world from the inside. When you enter the 22-foot diameter Earth balloon through an entrance in the Pacific Ocean, you will learn about rain forests, the "ring of fire," time zones, population clusters, migration, human impact on the Earth and many other topics. (See fun facts below.)

The Student Cafe line will be moved to the field house and will feature an international dish.

Here are some Earth balloon fun facts:

  • Scale: 1 inch=30 miles. At this scale, the moon would be two football fields away and the sun would be 49 miles away.
  • At the scale of the Earth balloon, planes would fly 1/4-inch above the surface of the globe.
  • At this scale, 99 percent of the Earth's atmosphere would be within 1 inch of the globe's surface.
  • At this scale, the Earth's inner core would be a 2 ½-foot ball of solid iron and its outer core of molten iron would be 12 feet in diameter.
  • At this scale, the amount of rain forest destroyed annually would equal an area approximately 4.2 inches square.
  • At this scale, the space shuttle would fly 5 1/2 inches (165 miles) from the globe's surface.