U.S. and international students, faculty and staff are invited to the next International Tuesday from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 18, in the Fireside Room, Room 260, Murray-Herrick Campus Center.

Social time will precede and follow a discussion on “The Peace Process in Northern Ireland: Is the Train About to Derail?” Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Beginning at 4 p.m., a panel of two faculty members and two students will discuss the current state of the peace process in Northern Ireland, including recent breakdowns.

Dr. Cris Toffolo, Political Science Department, will talk about the institutions established by the peace process, the outstanding issues to be solved and the different political forces at work.

Dr. Susan Alexander, Economics Department, will focus on economic issues that contributed to the “troubles” and the role economics can play in facilitating the peace process.

An exchange student from Northern ireland and a U.S. student who spent time in Northern Ireland will share their views and impressions.

International Tuesday is sponsored by International Student Services and the International Education Center.



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