Oops. Yesterday was the inaugural issue of this online publication, but the editors neglected to make formal introductions. Allow us, then, to introduce to you the Bulletin Today.

This electronic daily dose of St. Thomas news replaces a weekly printed Bulletin that has been around, in various formats, since 1946. Readers of the last two printed Bulletins knew that the electronic version was coming, but some of you, including most of the university’s graduate students, weren’t aware of Bulletin Today until it arrived in their campus e-mail boxes yesterday morning.

As you can see, this is not the fanciest Web page in town. It was never meant to be. Our goal was to develop a straightforward design that is simple to use, quick to read and a trusted source of campus information.

While the electronic format might seem strange after all those years of paging through the old paper Bulletin, please give it a little time. Before long, we hope using Bulletin Today is as comfortable as slipping on a pair of your favorite old tennis shoes.

As you can see from the main page, we have three columns. The largest column in the middle lists headlines and brief summaries of each story. You can just scan the headlines, or you can read each story as you go. The choice is yours.

The stories are listed by category: For Everyone, For Students, For Faculty and Staff, and Our Community. The column on the left simply carries you directly to those categories. The column on the right directs you to calendars, schedules and sports news updated regularly by the university’s Sports Information Office.

Just like the old paper Bulletin, the Bulletin Today will be the campus communications workhorse. And because it appears each weekday morning, it can now do things the old weekly paper could not. The electronic version also will bring you news that used to be distributed through “systemwide” electronic messages, including security alerts from Public Safety, obituaries and weather closings.

As always, the Bulletin is available to all members of the St. Thomas community who have news to share. For directions, click on the “How to send us news” phrase on the front page of each Bulletin Today.

The editors do welcome and listen to your comments. Students, especially, have offered many suggestions that were used to improve the old paper Bulletin. Many thanks, finally, for your patience as we all adjust to this new medium for campus news and information.

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