During May and June each supervisor and employee should document and complete the IODP (Individual Objective and Development Plan) by the required July 1, 2002, deadline.

Supervisors should be scheduling meetings with their staff, and employees should be completing their goals.  Employees are encouraged to take the initiative to ensure a time is scheduled with their supervisor.

The IODP form may be obtained online.  Please note a change on Page 1 of the form: You will need to check one of the following:

  • Employee has made adequate progress on IODP and is eligible for the general increase.
  • Employee has not made adequate progress and is not eligible for the general increase.

Completed IODP’s must be received in Human Resources, Mail # AQU217, prior to implementation of the general increase.  Please treat these documents as confidential.

IODP process training is provided several times a year for managers and supervisors.  For additional information, log onto Training Online on the HR Web site.

If you have any questions please contact Lori Bonine, compensation specialist, at 962-6398.


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