July 15 is deadline for UST Bush grant applications

July 15 is deadline for UST Bush grant applications

Friday, July 15, is the deadline to apply for four types of UST Bush grants:

  • Project grants to implement inquiry-based teaching methods in undergraduate courses.
  • Core and core-area grants to enhance inquiry-based teaching of core and core-area courses.
  • Seed grants to support implementation of inquiry-based projects with external funding.
  • Dissemination grants to disseminate collaborative inquiry results at conferences.

If you're interested in changing your pedagogy to a more inquiry-based approach, the Bush team invites you to apply. Studies indicate that inquiry-based education raises students' higher-order thinking skills and increases student involvement. Such education models how you seek knowledge in your discipline, and invites you to engage your students in that process.

More information is available on the UST Bush Grant Web site. Follow the link to "Proposal Guidelines."

The UST Bush grant is for undergraduate education only. Please direct questions to Dr. Bob Werner, (651) 962-5565, or to Dr. Vanca Schrunk, (651) 962-5740.