Anyone interested in the changes taking place in medicine and the health-care industry may want to attend “Life is Very Long: Alternative Pathways Through a Medical Career,” the next Biology Department seminar.

Brian Campion, M.D., will speak about his unusual medical path (relative to most physicians) in this talk at 3 p.m. Friday, Oct. 15, in 3M Auditorium, Owens Science Hall.

Campion, a UST alumnus, practiced medicine for 20 years after completing his medical education. He then went back to school to obtain his M.B.A. and was the CEO of a medical company. Now in the midst of his second reincarnation, he is a member of the UST faculty in the Center for Health and Medical Affairs within the Graduate School of Business.

Hear about his circuitous career path, the field of modern medicine and the major changes that have occurred and will continue to occur within medicine and health care.

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