Meet Gloria Bazooband Toledo ’10 M.B.A.

I always knew I wanted a graduate degree, from the day I completed my undergraduate education. I have a B.S. in Biology and as I moved into more management positions at work, I knew an M.B.A. would be the perfect complement. Medtronic is always looking to expand our global market, so my focus in international business fits my company’s goals as well as mine. Already, the fact that I am working toward my M.B.A. has been brought up more than once at managers’ meetings!

I chose the University of St. Thomas for several reasons, but primarily because of the reputation of the school.  UST is also known for professors with “real world” experiences, and that was important to me. I also appreciate the diverse academic and undergraduate backgrounds in the program. I was concerned that I had not studied business previously, but I quickly realized most Evening UST MBA students have non-business bachelor degrees – and we have as much to contribute as anyone else.

The UST MBA faculty and university staff have been great. Their flexibility and personal attention is wonderful. I travel at times for work, and I can easily contact my professors anytime I have a question about a homework assignment. I was forced to miss the end of a term for a two-month business trip to the Netherlands. My professor sent the final assignment to my apartment there, and I was able to finish the course remotely.

Class participation is always encouraged, but having no formal business background (only science) I initially didn’t think I could contribute to the concepts and topics presented in class. I was very wrong—every field of work is applicable and professors use a lot of real-life examples, so there is a chance for everyone to contribute.

Through this intense interaction, I have met great people from numerous local businesses. I don’t wo
rk downtown, so I don’t get to meet many professionals outside of Medtronic on a daily basis. It’s been nice to make connections with others in various fields and industries. The relationships and network I have built will last far beyond than my time in the program.

The Evening UST MBA has been the best professional decision I have ever made. Businesses are looking for individuals with advanced knowledge and credentials, and I know I will receive the best education possible here, while still balancing my work and family life. It has been a great experience!


Expected Graduation: MBA ‘10
Employer: Medtronic
Position: Clinical Trial Leader
Undergraduate degree: University of Minnesota, B.S. '02