By Dr. Judith Dwyer, Executive Vice President

I am pleased to announce the membership of the Search Committee for the Vice President of Finance and Administration. The members are:

Dr. Judith Dwyer, Executive Vice President, chair
Mr. Ravi Asthana, graduate student
Dr. Jim Daniel, Vice President for Development
Dr. Joe Kreitzer, Department of Economics
Ms. Nancy McGrath, Assistant to the Executive Vice President, secretary
Dr. Michael Mikolajczak, Department of English
Dr. Sally Power, Graduate School of Business
Dr. Ralph Pearson, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Greg Roberts, Vice President for Student Affairs
Ms. Colleen Striegel, Director of Human Resources
Dr. Nancy Zingale, Executive Assistant to the President
Ms. Nicole Zwieg, undergraduate student

The committee will begin its work this week when it meets with representatives from the executive search firm Educational Management Network/Witt/Kieffer. The firm will assist in developing a pool of qualified applicants by early March.



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