The Mixed Blood Theater Company will present “Minnecanos,” a play about contemporary Mexican-American history, at 11 a.m. Friday, Oct. 22, in Brady Educational Center auditorium. The performance is free to the University of St. Thomas community.

The play, written by Joe Minjares and Thomas Benitez, begins in the Minneapolis home Diego Morales has owned for more than 40 years. Encouraged by the bemused ghost of his loving wife, the old man uses the contents of an ancient trunk to ignite his great-grandson’s interest in their rich Chicano cultural heritage.

Alex Balderrama, Eric Laurion and Lisa Suarez star in the 45-minute performance.

With energetic corridos (story-songs), optimism and more than a little humor, “Minnecanos” is a celebration of accomplishments, character and aspirations of Latinos in Minnesota and across the country.

El Rencanche (the train that shuttled laborers from the Southwest to Minnesota’s sugar-beet fields), the mass deportations of the Great Depression and the Cesar Chavez-led farm workers’ movement are highlighted.

The performance is co-sponsored by UST’s Modern and Classical Languages Department, International Student Services and Multicultural Student Services.

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