From the Office of Student Financial Services

As a result of a recent student survey, the Office of Student Financial Services determined that there are more than 300 students who have been offered the opportunity to work on campus, who still are actively looking for a job but have not yet secured employment.  Please take this opportunity to review your student employment needs and post any open jobs you have in your department/office!

As you consider the number of students you employ and the number of hours they may work to meet your needs and yet not exceed their work award limits, please consider hiring and training additional students now.  Many times we find that departments "lose" a student employee toward the end of the spring semester because the student has earned their entire work award.  By taking these steps now and hiring an additional student, you may avoid this situation.

You may post your open positions on the student employment Web site.

Also, as you fill your positions, please remember to remove your job postings.  By doing so, you will reduce the frustration that students experience when applying for a job that has already been filed.

Thank you for your time and effort to employ students.


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