There will be an MS Access Workshop from 9 a.m.-noon Wednesday, March 21, in the lab, Room LL 02, Binz Refectory.

The first MS Access Workshop was a success. Training and Development and Computing and Communication Services announce the second workshop for MS Access users. This class takes a different approach than the departments’ standard classes. The MS Access Workshop provides Access users the opportunity to get some help related to their own actual Access databases.

The class is intended to help users working with stand-alone types of databases. There may be limitations to how much help can be given for databases that are part of a larger, Web-based enterprise system.

  • This class is not designed to teach the basics of using MS Access; attendees already must be familiar with the basics of using Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports.
  • This class is not designed for attendees to create a brand new Access database during the class. Rather, it is for attendees who already are working with an Access database and are having some problems or seeking advice on how to better use the database.
  • Attendees will be contacted prior to the class and asked to outline their key questions or problems with their Access database. This will help the consultant team to prepare for the class.
  • Attendees will need to place a copy of their database file in their U:drive (MyStorage), which then can be used for the class.
  • There is a limited enrollment for this class, so those who are interested need to register via Training Online or call Training and Development.
  • Based on the results of this class, more of these opportunities for “live consulting” workshops may be made available in the future.

Register online at or call Michelle at (651) 962-6910 with questions.

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