Community — you’ve heard the word dozens of times and you will continue to hear it as you journey through your college career at St. Thomas. What exactly does it mean to be part of the residence hall community at St. Thomas?

St. Thomas has defined seven categories that are believed to enhance student growth and development. A residence hall community is: caring, just, learning, civil and respectful, faithful, celebrative and service-oriented.

Murray Residence Hall has taken the idea of developing a service community one step further and has created a vice president of service learning position.

Last spring, Murray residents decided to set a goal of 100 hours of service for the 1999-2000 academic year. They felt they needed someone to coordinate the service missions if their goal was to be reached, so they created the service-learning position, which Karen Vogel now fills.

Vogel calls various service sites to find out what type of work and hours are required. She coordinates car pooling for the residents.

Not only does Murray hall, as a unified group of women, make a mark on St. Thomas’ campus, but each individual involved with service learning will take back something from their experiential learning at each site.

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