A student reads the Koran in the Muslim prayer space for men in Loras Hall on south campus in St. Paul.

Muslim Students Share Messages Leading to Ramadan's Beginning

Campus Ministry worked with several students to create a set of videos leading up to the beginning of Ramadan on May 5.

Students from the Muslim Student Association, Saudi Student Club, and Dougherty Family College discuss in the videos what Ramadan means to them; how Ramadan connects them to the broader community; what fasting on campus feels like; what they would like to share with St. Thomas community members about Ramadan; and how the university does (and what more can it do) to support Muslims during Ramadan.

The St. Thomas Interfaith Council also shared a message leading up to Ramadan: "In approaching the blessed month of Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam, the University of St. Thomas Interfaith Council would like to wish our Muslim Tommies a blessed Ramadan. This is the time of the year by which the Muslim community comes together in prayer, fasting, reciting the Qu’ran, and almsgiving. The Interfaith Council prays that Almighty God gives these Tommies all the graces and blessings asked for during this blessed month."