From Personal Counseling

Many times people think only about individual counseling to help them with their challenging personal issues. Although groups aren’t for everyone, there are some advantages to participating in a group:

  • feel more connected
  • explore issues
  • gain insight
  • learn new skills
  • help others grow

The personal counseling staff of Counseling and Career Services will facilitate four groups this spring. All groups are free to UST students and begin this month. Groups will be held in the Personal Counseling office, Room 356, Murray-Herrick Campus Center, unless otherwise noted. An atmosphere of confidentiality is essential and expected. If you are interested, please schedule an intake interview; call (651) 962-6780.

Grief/Loss Support Group, noon-1 p.m. Thursdays: This group provides a forum for students to share feelings related to experiences of grief or loss. Meet with others in a safe and supportive atmosphere and gain a better understanding of how to manage through emotionally difficult times. Contact Heide Malat or Dr. Colette Kuhn, (651) 962-6780, for further information.

Single Parent’s Support Group, noon-1 p.m. Thursdays: Sometimes being a single parent is exhausting. You may feel isolated, overburdened, unappreciated. This group offers a place to meet with other single parents to talk about common concerns, develop ways to manage time and patience, and just get support. Contact Kate Boyle or Jane Rauenhorst, (651) 962-6780, for further information.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Student Group, noon-1 p.m. every other Tuesday: This group provides a forum for gay, lesbian or bisexual students to meet with each other to share experiences and concerns. The group will meet in O’Shaughnessy Educational Center. Contact Dr. Jeri Rockett, (651) 962-6780, or Sister Sharon Howell, (651) 962-6461, for further information.

Overcoming Obstacles Support Group, noon-1 p.m. Tuesdays: Life throws us many curves (stress, anxiety, loneliness, relationship issues). How do you navigate through them without losing your way? This group is for students who want to gain a better understanding of how to manage during emotionally difficult times. Members can share their concerns, problem solve, and receive support from others who struggle with similar issues. Contact Dr. Sarah Armstrong or Heide Malat, (651) 962-6780, for further information.



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