New Morrison parking ramp system to debut next week

New Morrison parking ramp system to debut next week

From Public Safety and Parking Services

Public Safety and Parking Services thanks the entire campus community for its continued patience and understanding while the new ramp system has been installed and tested during the fall semester. It has been a lengthy and detailed process, but the new ramp parking system is finally ready to make its debut.

On Tuesday, Dec. 6, the R2 and R3 ramp gates on the south side of Morrison Hall again will be shut and the new ramp system will be utilized in the following ways:

  • R1 (and P1 of Selby Hall) is reserved for upperclass student North Resident permit holders. They may gain access by swiping their UST ID card. If you are an upperclass North Resident permit holder and do not currently have access to R1 or P1, please contact Public Safety.
  • R3 is reserved for all North Resident permit holders. They also may gain access with their UST ID card.
  • R2, the middle level of the ramp, is split into two halves, to be utilized in separate ways.   R2-North, the back half underneath Selby Hall, also is reserved for North Resident permit holders.
  • R2-South, the front half underneath Morrison Hall, is to be utilized for visitors who pay by the hour and for resident students who have purchased a ramp contract. Ramp contract holders also need only to use the ID card to gain access to R2-South level of the ramp.

Departments still have the option to purchase parking validation coupons for their guests.   Please go to to place an order for these coupons. Coupons will be delivered, with specially printed instructions, starting Tuesday, Dec. 6.

Below are instructions for those who wish to use the ramp as a visitor and to pay for parking by the hour. Remember, visitors may park only in R2-South, as all other areas of the ramps are reserved for North Resident students only!

  1. Use credit or debit card. The easiest way to utilize the pay-by-the-hour function of the ramp is to swipe your credit/debit card at the entrance to gain access to R2-South. Then swipe the same card at the exit and the amount will be directly debited from or charged to your card. You do not need to press a button for an entry ticket.
  2. If you have an eXpress account set up on your UST ID card, you may use your UST ID card the same way as a credit or debit card.
  3. Press a button for an entry ticket to gain access to R2-South. Take this ticket with you after you park and do not leave it in your vehicle. Before returning to your vehicle stop by the pay station, located by the R2 elevator, to pay for your parking. You may use cash, check, credit/debit card, UST eXpress account (ID Card), or a validation coupon to pay for your parking. Your entry ticket will be validated upon payment and you will use your validated entry ticket to exit the ramp with your vehicle.

Please call Public Safety and Parking Services, (651) 962-5100, with questions.