From Computing and Communication Services

Computing and Communication Services announces a new, online phone number look-up service for the St. Thomas community that may make life easier for some users and helps further conserve natural resources.

Every year, Computing and Communication Services stack, store and distribute a truckload of US West’s Dex white and yellow pages phone books. (Maybe you’ve seen them under the stairs in the Aquinas Hall basement?) Some get used; many don’t. And, every year, the office struggles with three challenges:

  • Accuracy — The phone books are out of date as soon as they are printed
  • Space — Where to store all the extras
  • Disposal — What to do with the old and unused books

This year, to take advantage of US West’s online service,, which contains both yellow and white page information, and to voluntarily reduce the number of paper phone books brought to campus, UST’s online directories page includes a link to this service.

Many fewer white and yellow pages were ordered this year and have been distributed to student residences and to areas where online hookup is not feasible. A limited number is available to departments for pick up at the Service Center on St. Paul’s south campus. If the demand is greater than supply, more will be ordered.

But stop! Please consider helping us reach this paperless phone book goal by considering two things before you make a visit to the Service Center for a paper phone book:

  • How many times have I actually used my paper phone book in the past?
  • If that accurate up-to-date number I need is just a click away on my computer, can I do without those big yellow and white books?



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