Business research and practice increasingly rely on electronic forms of data collection to learn about business challenges and devise successful business strategies. Online surveys enable managers to easily collect real-time feedback to drive their businesses.

Stephan Grzeskowiak, assistant professor of marketing, was awarded a grant by WebSurveyor for the use of a comprehensive Internet survey tool. Web Surveyor has a commercial value of $50,000 and now is available to the faculty of the Opus College of Business to assist them in their research and teaching.

In the classroom, the collection process for the paper surveys usually takes much more time to complete and the response rates are often low. An initial test of WebSurveyor in Grzeskowiak’s Marketing Research course resulted in higher speed of collection, increased response rates and the quality of data improved. The increased efficiency of the data collection process enabled students to focus more on the conceptual and methodological issues of their research projects and helped them to gain a deeper understanding of the marketing research process.

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