The UST Child Development Center and the Personal Counseling Center will offer monthly gatherings for parents in the UST community to learn and share topics of interest to families.

The gatherings will be held from 6 to 7 p.m. the last Tuesday of the month. All students, faculty and staff are welcome. Free, on-site child care will be provided (for up to 20 children between the ages of six weeks and 10 years old). Call (651) 962-5040 one week before the event to reserve a child-care spot.

Kindergarten Information Night
Jan. 25 in Room 111, Christ Child Hall
Representatives from local public and private schools will present information and visit individually with parents. If you have a preschooler, come learn about options and talk with other parents.

Creative Discipline: Beyond “Because I Said So”
Feb. 29 in Room 111, Christ Child Hall
The Child Development Center staff will discuss positive and effective approaches to guiding your child. Time will be available to ask questions and discuss particular areas of interest.

Sleep, Glorious Sleep
March 28 in Room 111, Christ Child Hall
Predoctoral interns from Personal Counseling will offer information and practical tips from their own parenting about how to improve children’s bedtime and sleeping. A discussion of night terrors, sleep rhythms and other specific concerns will be included.

Talking to Kids About Tough Topics
April 25 in Room 111, Christ Child Hall
Colette Kuhn, Psy.D., LP, from Personal Counseling will discuss ways to talk with your children about difficult life events in ways that help them understand and gives them the message that it’s OK to talk.

Ways That We Juggle: Work, School and Family
May 30 in Room 101, McNeely Hall
A panel of parents will share ideas and experiences about the tricky business of trying to find balance in the many roles parents play. This is an opportunity for busy parents to share tips for survival and get support and affirmation for all that they do.

Sibling Rivalry: Helping Little Ones Get Along
June 27 in Room 101, McNeely Hall
Steve Maurer, Ph.D., LP, from Personal Counseling will discuss ways to help children negotiate differences and develop stronger relationships. There will be time to discuss specific family transitions and situations that are difficult for siblings.

Family Rituals: The Best Kept Secret of Happy Families
July 25 in Room 101, McNeely Hall
Carol Bruess, Ph.D., Communication Department, will share her research on the importance of family rituals and their connections to family strength and happiness. This session will offer practical ideas for creating and sustaining your own family (as well as couple/marital) rituals.




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