Podcasting: 10 ways to engage your students with new technologies

Podcasting: 10 ways to engage your students with new technologies

From Information Resources and Technologies

IRT is in the middle of a yearlong pilot project to investigate podcasting instructional content at UST and is actively seeking faculty who might be interested in participating during J-Term and spring semester.

Are you interested? How might you know if you are? Here are some ideas for using podcasting (or other Internet-delivered audio and video methods) in your classes:

As a faculty member, you can record:

  • Your classroom lectures for students (or others) to review or play if absent;
  • Extra notes, commentary or essays so students have supplemental information on your course;
  • Interviews (in person or by phone) with colleagues at other institutions;
  • A roundtable discussion with your department peers on a hot topic;
  • A short regular news segment with timely updates on your field, targeting your students, your department, all UST students, or the entire planet.

Or, you could ask your students to record:

  • An audio term-paper;
  • An interview with an expert on a relevant topic;
  • A small-group discussion among several students;
  • Brief audio comments for posting in Blackboard ("talk" rather than "type");
  • A presentation given to the class for later review and critique.

Note that if your students create these kinds of recordings, it could be with the intent of submitting them to you for grading or review, or they could share them with each other instead, developing a kind of "asynchronous conversation" about your course outside of your classroom.

Intrigued? We hope so! For more information visit the IRT Web site. To discuss if podcasting is right for you or your class, contact your academic technology consultant, or the IRT Tech Desk, (651) 962-6230.