From the Rev. Dennis Dease

Questions have been asked about the process that we follow to name physical assets of the University of St. Thomas.

I have discussed this issue with my staff and have approved the following policy, effective immediately:

“From time to time, the university recognizes the contributions of members of its community by placing the names of those individuals or those they designate on the university’s physical assets (buildings, rooms, fields, campuses, etc.).

“In most cases, the decision to name an asset will be made in conjunction with a significant monetary contribution to advance the mission of the university. In some cases, the university may decide to name an asset for someone whose contribution to the mission was very significant but not monetary (distinguished faculty and staff, clergy, etc.).

“Decisions to approve the naming of a physical asset at the university rest with the president.

“The Development Office is designated by the president to handle all nominations for those naming opportunities that relate to benefactors whose contributions to the university have been or will be monetary.

“Nominations for naming opportunities that relate to individuals whose contributions are not monetary should be brought forward through the appropriate vice president to the president’s staff. The president’s staff will make a recommendation to the president.

“All such nominations should be brought forward formally with fully articulated rationale for the proposal and a full curriculum vitae for the prospective honoree. At least one full year should be allowed for consideration of such a proposal, for further dialogue and for preparations (signage, ceremonials, etc.) prior to any proposed formal bestowal, public announcement and dedication ceremonies. The president will respond to such proposals as quickly as possible.”




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