Dr. Julie Sullivan Named President of the University of St. Thomas

The St. Thomas Board of Trustees has elected the university’s first new president in 22 years. Dr. Julie Sullivan will be the first lay person and first female to take on the role of leading Minnesota’s largest private college or university. People are weighing in on social media.

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Dr. Julie Sullivan named president of the …facebook.com
More St. Thomas growth: First woman lay president | http://StarTribune.com http://www.startribune.com/local/191210751.htmlRose French
RT @UofStThomasMN: High-five! #USTPresident #GoTommies http://pic.twitter.com/orIfNLkVUST STAR
Julie Sullivan, president elect of U of St. Thomas: My aspiration for St. Thomas is to be recognized regionally, nationally, internationallyMila Koumpilova
.@csbprez tells @MPRAFriedrich the transition from cleric to lay president can bring changes to a campus. #USTPresident http://ow.ly/hKo9yCSB and SJU
St. Thomas Names Julie Sullivan New President « CBS Minnesota4 days ago … The University of St. Thomas made it official Thursday, naming Julie Sullivan the new president of the St. Paul institut…
Way to step into the 21st century St. Thomas! http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/191210751.html #USTPresidentBridget Rissmann
St. Thomas' female president reflects trends in Catholic education …4 days ago … University of St. Thomas trustees have broken with tradition and named as woman as president-elect. Every previous presi…
Dr. Julie Sullivan Named President | University of St. Thomasuniversityofstthomas
University of St. Thomas names Julie Sullivan to – The Catholic Spirit4 days ago … Sullivan comes from the University of San Diego and will be the first woman and first lay person to lead St. Thomas.
Sullivan talking about her family’s support: "You should see all the lovely text messages."#USTPresidentTommieMedia
New St. Thomas president Dr. Julie Sullivan a 'sign of the times …4 days ago … Dr. Julie Sullivan has been named president of the University of St. Thomas, becoming the first woman and first lay pers…
Congratulations to Dr. Julie Sullivan who will be the next President of @UofStThomasMNAndrew Hasek
University of St. Thomas selects first woman president | National …3 days ago … The St. Thomas Board of Trustees unanimously elected Sullivan, 55, to succeed Father Dennis Dease, who will retire June …
St. Thomas names first woman to be president – TwinCities.com4 days ago … Sullivan said she will work to raise St. Thomas' profile as a locally and globally engaged institution true to both …
St. Thomas picks first woman, first non-priest – The Business Journals4 days ago … University of St. Thomas names University of San Diego officer Julie Sullivan president, replacing Dennis Dease.
Photos: University of St. Thomas names its first female president4 days ago … Sullivan laughs after being asked how her family has reacted to her new job during a news conference at the University o…
University of St. Thomas (Minn.) – The Cardinal Newman Society4 days ago … The University of St. Thomas (Minn.) today elected Dr. Julie H. Sullivan, 55, executive vice president and provost of th…
University of St. Thomas has first woman president. #USTPresident http://pic.twitter.com/pwnByK6OGlen Stubbe
Role as wife and mother: "It is the spirit that keeps me going," President-Elect Sullivan #USTPresidentUniv. of St. Thomas
TommieMedia sat down Thursday with President-elect Sullivan for an exclusive interview. Video to follow #USTPresident http://pic.twitter.com/0RZyhrrQTommieMedia
First female+first non-priest to be pres! RT ‏@UofStThomasMN: Dr. Julie Sullivan has been named president of the University of St. Thomas CeceBlooom
Sullivan’s priorities: to continue the commitment to the Catholic intellectual tradition, liberal arts and common good. #USTPresidentUniv. of St. Thomas
Congratulations Dr. Sullivan “@UofStThomasMN: Welcome, President-Elect Sullivan: http://news.stthomas.edu/president/”Sara Kerr
"My hope is for all tommies to be inspired to challenge themselves and change our world," President-Elect Sullivan #USTPresidentUniv. of St. Thomas
First female president at UST! Exciting! RT @UofStThomasMN Welcome, President-Elect Sullivan: http://news.stthomas.edu/president/Siri Sorensen
Sullivan and her husband Robert have four children. #USTPresidentUniv. of St. Thomas
new @UofStThomasMN prez Julie Sullivan. First woman, first lay person in 127-year history of the school: http://pic.twitter.com/RBntRfjabengarvin
A warm welcome to our future Board member. RT @uofstthomasmn: Dr. Julie Sullivan has been named president of the University of St. Thomas.ACTC
Congratulations Dr. Julie Sullivan! @UofStThomasMN #USTPresidentChase Coleman
St. Thomas Selects Julie Sullivan of the U of San Diego as Its 1st Female President: http://bit.ly/VXmRYV (@UofStThomasMN)Twin Cities Business
Archbishop Harry Flynn just announced Dr. Julie Sullivan as the 15th President of @UofStThomasMN #USTPresident #GoTommiesAdmissionsAtUST
Yes! #girlpower RT @UofStThomasMN: Dr. Julie Sullivan has been named president of the University of St. Thomas. http://pic.twitter.com/ISnMwAx2Sally Schreiber
Julie Sullivan named next president at #UofStThomasMN — big news! #mnprivcollegesJohn Manning
Cheers to @UofStThomasMN for electing its first ever woman president in its 128-year history!! Best wishes to Dr. Julie Sullivan #womanpowerAngela Gauerke
Bravo to UST for selecting someone "outside the box" RT @UofStThomasMN Welcome, President-Elect Sullivan: http://news.stthomas.edu/president/Becky Hilgert
Welcome, President-Elect Sullivan: http://news.stthomas.edu/president/Univ. of St. Thomas
Welcome to UST Dr. Sullivan! I am excited to see what you do with our beloved school. @UofStThomasMNAlex Kopel
RT "@UofStThomasMN : Welcome, President-Elect Sullivan: http://news.stthomas.edu/president/ " Don’t know much about her, but this is awesome!Meag T.
Great story on Dr Sullivan. Welcome to UST "@UofStThomasMN: Welcome, President-Elect Sullivan: http://news.stthomas.edu/president/"MARIADESCHAMP
Father Dennis Dease refers to Dr. Sullivan as "a star" and "a great fit for St. Thomas."Univ. of St. Thomas
"I’m a star following a star," President-Elect Julie Sullivan #USTPresidentUniv. of St. Thomas
Congrats on the new president @UofStThomasMN! She’s not a priest nor a man. This is a big deal you guys – http://www.tommiemedia.com/featured-news/st-thomas-names-first-woman-president-in-history-julie-sullivan/Martha McCarthy
#USTPresident Dr. Sullivan – Welcome to @UofStThomasMN You’ll love it! #tommiepride #gotommies #purpleprideEmily Wilson
Sullivan has taught or served in administrative positions in Oklahoma, North Carolina and California. #USTPresidentUniv. of St. Thomas
@UofStThomasMN Congrats Dr. Sullivan; first female & lay person #USTPresident of my Alma Mater in its 128 yr history! #progressKerrie Thompson
"Yes, I am a woman, and a Catholic lay person" — "sign of the times" president-elect Sullivan says at @UofStThomasMN #mnprivcollegesJohn Manning
Sullivan attended the University of Florida in Gainesville. #USTPresidentUniv. of St. Thomas
Kudos to our colleages @UofStThomasMN for making a courageous choice for new president. @StKate looks forward to working w/Julie Sullivan.Amy Gage
Dr. Sullivan is the executive vice president and provost at the University of San Diego. #USTPresidentUniv. of St. Thomas
A warm, neighborly welcome to new president of @UofStThomasMN Dr. Julie Sullivan! They say St. Paul is the San Diego of the Midwest.Macalester CEC
Dr. Julie Sullivan has been named president of the University of St. Thomas.Univ. of St. Thomas

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