In 1957, as a result of a meeting between management guru Peter Drucker and Bishop James Shannon (then-president of St. Thomas), The Management Center was established for continuing business education. Over the years, St. Thomas developed other centers catering to niche markets in Minnesota business and delivered adult learning programs that were highly intense, targeted and business relevant.

Recently, all of the executive and professional development programming and services that each of the College of Business centers provided were integrated under one center and renamed the Center for Business Excellence (CBE). Its core competencies are business communication, ethics, finance, general business, leadership and management, marketing, and operations. Following the tradition set by The Management Center, programming is offered both as open-enrollment programs on the Minneapolis campus and as closed-enrollment and/or customized programs inside client organizations. CBE also offers consulting services.

The College of Business’ Research and Development Centers (Center for Nonprofit Management, Center for Health and Medical Affairs, Center for Real Estate Education, Center for Family Enterprise and Center for Entrepreneurship) now provide pertinent research on the latest topics and policies in their respective areas of focus as well as ongoing program development support to CBE.

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