Public Safety bulletin: Be watchful of your property

Public Safety bulletin: Be watchful of your property

The Department of Public Safety would like to inform the University of St. Thomas community about the upcoming book buyback at the St. Paul and Minneapolis campus bookstores.

This year’s textbook buyback dates have been scheduled for Dec. 7-9 and Dec. 12-16.

Due to past thefts of textbooks and book bags, we ask you to be watchful of your property at all times. Do not leave your property unattended or out of your sight.

Public Safety and Bookstore employees also suggest that you mark your books and property in such a way that will only be identifiable by you. One example is to highlight certain words on specific pages in a book, or write a word or words that only have meaning to you. Marking property in such a way may assist with recovery of stolen property.

Each semester, Public Safety receives reports of stolen textbooks, primarily from students studying in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center. These textbooks are often sold back to the Bookstore during this buyback period.

While Public Safety increases patrol and surveillance during this time of year, we ask that you help by notifying us immediately if you see suspicious activity or people on or near campus.

Please call Public Safety as quickly as possible with the physical description of the suspect or suspects, the last known direction of travel, and a description of the suspicious activity.

Please contact Public Safety, 962-5100, if you would like additional campus crime prevention information.