From Public Safety and the Dean of Student Life Office

The Department of Public Safety is alerting the UST community to harassing e-mails that a number of female students have received.  The e-mails are from a Yahoo account under the name of Danny Fesser and criticize the receivers for provocative dress and the distractions caused by their revealing clothing. 

Public Safety has determined that these e-mails are a scam.  The individual signing the messages is not a registered UST student; and the UST women receiving the e-mail are not associated through classes or organizations.  Additionally, the University of Washington in Seattle has reported the very same type of e-mail being sent to its students.

The Dean of Student Life Office reminds members of the St. Thomas community that such actions are an abuse of our computer technology and are unacceptable. Such action creates a harassing environment that disrupts civil and respectful discourse; further, we note that such communication is undignified and disrespectful, not only to our women but also to our men.

If anyone has further information about this e-mailing activity, or has further questions, please contact Public Safety at (651) 962-5100 or the Dean of Student Life Office, (651) 962-6050.


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