Vik Uppal ’06 is president of real-estate development company Uppal Enterprises, which has been making the news in recent years for its innovative approach to building design. Uppal and his father have imported from India the idea of making buildings entirely of concrete, rather than using wood frames. Concrete buildings are stronger, fire-resistant, well insulated and more sound-proof compared to wood-frame buildings. Initial investments more than pay themselves back through savings on insurance, heating and cooling, and maintenance. Most recently, Uppal has used this in developing Village Plaza in The Village at Circle Pines, a mixed-use development.

Uppal has been involved in real estate development throughout his college career. In 2005, Finance and Commerce, a Twin Cities business newspaper, named him an Innovator of the Year. The award is given to individuals who develop "creative products and solutions to fuel the next generation of entrepreneurship." He also is on the board of directors for the Jack Brewer Foundation.

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