The authors and editor of a just-released book on the North American Free Trade Agreement will be honored at an upcoming reception hosted by the University of St. Thomas Master of International Management Program.

Author and editor Peter Coffey, and co-authors C. Colin Dodds, Enrique Lazcano and Robert Riley, will be honored at a 4 to 6 p.m. reception Wednesday, Sept. 22, in the fourth-floor Fireside Room of the university’s Minneapolis campus, 1000 LaSalle Ave. All are welcome; for more information, call St. Thomas at (651) 962-4840.

The book, NAFTA – Past, Present and Future, deals with trade between Canada, Mexico and the United States. In addition to examining NAFTA from Canadian, Mexican and U.S. viewpoints, the book assesses the trade agreement’s future impact from trans-Atlantic and North American-South American perspectives.

The book is the second in a series on international regional economic integration edited by Coffey and published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, based in Boston, New York, London and the Netherlands.

The first book in the series, Latin America – Mercosur, examines the customs union between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. The third book in the series will be Europe – Toward the Next Enlargement. A fourth volume will deal with Southeast Asia.

All three co-authors hold university appointments. Dodds is from St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Lazcano is from the University of Guadalajara, Mexico; and Riley is a member of the economics faculty at St. Thomas.

NAFTA – Past Present and Future is Coffey’s 21st book. An international economist, for the past decade he has held the US West Chair in International Management at St. Thomas’ Graduate School of Business. Coffey is a native of Britain and a widely recognized authority on the European Union. He teaches international and European political economy courses in the St. Thomas Master of International Management Program.

Coffey also has completed his 23rd book, The Euro – A Handbook, which will be released soon by Cassell, an international publishing house based in London. The book examines the new common currency for members of the European Union.

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