Take a Tommy to Lunch provides an opportunity for you to be matched with an alum in your major or career field. Last year more than 400 students participated.

As a participant in the Take a Tommy to Lunch program, you will meet over lunch with an alum to discuss future plans, ask questions and get more information on the opportunities in your field of interest. All matches will take place in February. Although the program attempts to bring together as many interested students and alums as possible, a match cannot be guaranteed for all applicants.

This program is sponsored by the Student Alumni Council and the Alumni Association. Students are encouraged to register before Friday, Dec. 17, but registrations will be accepted through the end of January.

Visit the Alumni Web page at www.stthomas.edu/www/alumni_http/index.html and go to the Student Alumni Council link.

If you have questions, call Dara Sjolund, Alumni Association, (651) 962-6433.



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