Are you prepared for registration? Be advised that several new registration holds are being implemented. Take a quick look at the list below to make sure your priority registration isn’t delayed.

Payment Agreement Forms (new)

All students must have a signed payment agreement form on file with the Business Office prior to registration. Most students complete these forms as part of their application process. Notices have been sent to those students without a form on file. If you have questions regarding your payment agreement form, please call the Business Office at (651) 962-6600.

Delinquent balances

All tuition accounts must be current in order to register. If you have a past-due balance, please contact the student accounts office at (651) 962-6610. Be advised that the November minimum payment must be paid by Nov. 19 to enable you to pre-register. Refer to your bill for the minimum payment amount and the status of your account.

High school transcripts (new)

All day-undergraduate students must have a final high school transcript on file with the Admissions office. Most students submitted this transcript after they received their diploma. Students without a final high school transcript on file by Nov. 24, 1999, will have a registration hold on their account. If you have questions regarding your final high school transcript, please call Liz Hayes, Enrollment Services, at (651) 962-6158.

Verification (new)

All day-undergraduate students need to have completed address verification prior to registration. Students received verification forms in September that were to be reviewed and verified. Please contact Jona Serie, Enrollment Services, at (651) 962-6181 if you have questions regarding the status of your verification form.


In accordance with state guidelines, all students are required to file an immunization record with health services. This information cannot be obtained without the student’s consent and a separate form must be submitted to Health Services. Students missing immunization information have been sent a notice. If you have questions regarding your immunization record, please contact Health Services at (651) 962-6750.


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