Here is some general registration information for undergraduate day students. Check for complete information.

Registration dates for J-Term and Spring 2000:

Pre-registration: Nov. 15-Dec. 3

Registration ends: J-term — Dec. 22, 1999

Spring — Jan. 21, 2000

Scheduling order is determined as follows:

  1. Number of earned credits (courses in which a letter grade has been assigned), high to low
  2. Last name in alphabetical order (random starting point) for students with same number earned credits
  3. Students with 60 or more earned credits who have not taken PHED 100 and/or declared a major, will have their scheduling order altered (see * below)
  4. Students who have not completed three components of the basic skills requirement (e-mail, library, word processing) by midterm of the first semester of their second year, will have their scheduling time altered (see **).

Scheduling order by class:

Seniors (92+ credits): Nov. 15-18

Juniors (60-91.9 credits): Nov. 18-20

* Seniors and juniors who did not take PHED 100 and/or declare a major: Nov. 20-22

Sophomores (28-59.9 credits): Nov 22-24

** Sophomores who did not complete basic skills: Nov 24-29

Freshmen (0-27.9 credits): Nov 29-Dec 2

** Freshmen who did not complete basic skills: Dec 2-3

Nondegrees start at noon, Friday, Dec. 3


Information and terminology:

MURPHY On-Line (WEB) instructions:

MURPHY On-Line (WEB) worksheet:

MURPHY telephone instructions:

MURPHY telephone worksheet:

2000 January and spring class schedules

January Term class schedules can be obtained at the Registrar’s Office, Room 106, Aquinas Hall, or on the ledge at the Post Office. Spring class schedules were put in students campus mailboxes; students who do not have a campus mailbox can obtain a spring class at the University Registrar’s Office. For up-to-date course listings, go to:; click on Available Course Sections; select a term; scroll down to Undergrad listings. For quicker access, click on first grad listing, type "U" and you will be at the first Undergrad course listing. NOTE: To access MURPHY On-Line Student Information, students need to enter their social security number and PIN but do not need to do this for Available Course Sections.

Personal Identification number (PIN)

Undergraduate day students have been issued a new PIN that went into effect Nov. 1. Students must pick up their PIN and Analysis of Academic Progress when they meet with their adviser. Students who do not know who their adviser is should go to Academic Counseling, Room 110, Aquinas Hall.

Students who applied to graduate in December will have their new PIN sent to their campus mailbox the last week of classes. These students can obtain their PIN from the Registrar’s Office if they need it sooner.


Pick up ACTC cross-registration forms at the Registrar’s Office, Room 106, Aquinas Hall. For the class schedule at Augsburg, Hamline, Macalester and St. Catherine, come to the Registrar’s Office. For general information, go to the ACTC web site at NOTES: 1. Macalester and St. Catherine do NOT offer classes in January. 2. The last day for ACTC early cross-registration is Dec. 3. After this date, students will need to obtain the instructor’s signature at the first class meeting to cross-register.

Registration help lines: (651) 962-6704 or 962-6711.

Your tuition must be up-to-date for you to register

To register for January Term or spring semester 2000 courses, your tuition account must be current. If you have a delinquent balance on your tuition account, the MURPHY registration system will not allow you to register until your delinquent balance is paid. The tuition due date is the 19th of each month — please refer to your bill to check the status of your account.

If you are unable to pay your delinquent balance, please contact the Student Accounts Office at (651) 962-6610 to discuss payment arrangements. If you are planning to use financial aid to pay your delinquent balance but your aid has not been updated to your tuition account, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (651) 962-6550.

You now can pay your tuition account via credit card by calling (651) 962-7700 or by visiting the Web site: The University of St. Thomas accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover. (There is a $20 convenience fee assessed when paying by credit card.) To pay by credit card you do need your PIN (Personal Identification Number) and your Social Security number.

Spring semester and summer session 2000 registration for Graduate students begins Dec. 7, for some programs. For specific information regarding your program registration please call your department directly.


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