Research – the Key to Interview Success

To show knowledge of the company you hope to obtain employment with, research is key.  While knowing their mission statement is a great start, the research should venture much farther than that.  Interviewers expect that research of the company has been completed, but in most cases, research of the interviewer themselves should also be done.

Here are a few sure fire ways to get the most from your research:

1. Stay in the news – knowing the happenings of the company and industry is key.  Doing a simply Google search with the company name and news should list up to date news stories that pertain to the company.  Staying abreast of industry news sources should also be on your radar.  Displaying awareness of industry trends, market leaders and company competitors raises awareness of the industry you should be passionate about.

2. Know your audience – utilize LinkedIn, Google and Facebook to get to know your interviewers before they can form a first impression on you.  This should also be a great reason to review your own social media profile and ensure everything is up to ‘snuff’ regarding your attributes and online footprint.

3. Study the Sandbox – playing nice and sharing were key components to a well functioning kindergarten classroom, but there may be different principles to the social dynamic at your future place of employment.  Researching websites like and contacting former employees (via a Linkedin search) can provide stellar insight into the company culture, interview structure and management styles of your future occupation and corporate climate.