From Public Safety and Parking Services

Here are two security advisories and a security bulletin. As a reminder, security alerts are for critical or major incidents; advisories are for important incidents and bulletins are for general information.

  • Security advisory: Harassing phone calls
  • Security advisory: Macalester College — man tries to enter resident student’s room by a window
  • Security bulletin: Minneapolis police anticipate increase in thefts from vehicles at sports and entertainment events

Harassing phone calls
Security advisory from March 6

The Department of Public Safety would like to inform the University of St. Thomas community of harassing phone calls that are being placed to female UST students.

The phone calls consist of a male caller who states that he received the student’s names off a UST marketing list. In each call, the suspect has asked for the student by first and last name. In most of the calls, the suspect solicits Aveda products and asks if the students are interested in a discounted massage. The suspect also has asked students if they are busy on the weekend and if they have a lot of stress. The suspect’s voice has been described as quiet and breathy.

The phone calls were first reported on Feb. 19. Six other students have reported similar calls since then.

Generally, on such calls as above, if you do not give the caller any satisfaction from the call, the person usually will give up after one or two attempts. If you receive one of these calls, advise the caller that you are not interested, then hang up. Do not give out any personal information. Do not extend the call by asking questions or encourage the caller by being witty or sarcastic. Generally, a prolonged conversation with you is the response the caller wants.

If you have been a victim of a phone call similar to the above or have any information about the phone calls, please contact the Department of Public Safety at (651) 962-5100 or the St. Paul Police Department at (651) 291-1111.

Break-in at Macalester College
Security advisory from March 6, 2000

The Department of Public Safety would like to inform the University of St. Thomas community of an incident that occurred at Macalester College.

At approximately 6 a.m. Saturday, March 4, a Macalester resident student was asleep in her ground-floor room. A Hispanic male (described below) removed the screen from her window and pushed open the unlocked window. The man stuck his head into her room. The student awoke and the perpetrator fled the scene. Macalester Security and the St. Paul Police were notified of the incident. The St. Paul Police are investigating the incident.

The perpetrator was described as a Hispanic male, 5’ 7" in height with a medium build. The age of the suspect was unknown. The suspect had black eyes, short black hair, and no facial hair and he was wearing a blue baseball cap. The victim observed the suspect wearing a gold ring on his right hand.

If you have any information that might related to this incident, please contact the Macalester Security Office at (651) 696-6555 or the St. Paul Police at (651)291-1111.

The University of St. Thomas Department of Public Safety strongly recommends that you lock your rooms’ windows and doors while sleeping or away from your room. Safety brochures and booklets are available in the lobby of Public Safety in Morrison Hall with topics ranging from campus and personal safety to crime prevention for motor vehicles and residences.

If you see any suspicious person(s) loitering or lurking on, or around, campus at any time, immediately call the Department of Public Safety at (651) 962-5555. Please note the physical description of the suspect(s), the last known location and direction of travel. The earlier that Public Safety is notified of a suspicious person, the better chance of apprehension.

Minneapolis police anticipate increase in thefts from vehicles at sports and entertainment events
Security bulletin from March 6

The Minneapolis Police ask for your assistance in preventing thefts from motor vehicles.

The Minneapolis Police Department has experienced a 38 percent drop in these thefts. However, they anticipate an increase as several major sports and entertainment events arrive in the upcoming months.

You can help to reduce thefts from motor vehicles by taking these simple steps:

  • Lock you vehicle and take your keys. (11 percent of all vehicles stolen in Minneapolis had the keys in the ignition. Thieves will break your window if the door is locked, but the engine is running!) Do NOT leave your vehicle running and unattended, this is a violation of Minneapolis ordinance.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle. If you do, lock them in your trunk, BEFORE arriving at your destination. (Up to 99 percent of all car break-ins are through a window, where thieves were enticed by valuables left in the open.) This includes cellular phones, compact disks, briefcases and even small change.
  • Mark your possessions with an Operation Identification Number. If you live in Minneapolis, call the Operations ID line at (612) 673-2749 to get a number assigned to you and a kit sent to you. In other areas, call your local Police Department.
  • Report ALL incidents, even if you are leery of reporting a break-in to your insurance company. Incidents may show a pattern and patrol officers may be directed quickly to areas which thieves may have targeted. Minneapolis Police state that the decrease in thefts from motor vehicles this year is due to the crimes being reported immediately.

If you would like more information on how you can help to prevent these and additional crimes, please contact Public Safety at (651) 962-4100.



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