From Public Safety and Parking Services

Five motor vehicle break-ins occurred on the night of Feb. 1 and 24 other vehicles had frost wiped off their windows for someone to see if there were valuables inside on Selby Avenue.

A St. Thomas Public Safety officer observed a parked motor vehicle that was running, with an Asian male driver inside. Another male ran across the street and entered the car. The officer was able to get the license plate and was able to follow the vehicle a short distance. The vehicle had been stolen.

St. Thomas has had 16 vehicle break-ins since Jan. 1 on Selby Avenue and Lot C. UST issued a security advisory Jan. 13 notifying the community of several vehicle break-ins Jan. 11.

The suspect(s) have caused significant damage to the vehicles by breaking out windows, damaging dashes by prying the radios/CD players out and ransacking the vehicles for valuables. Public Safety is investigating the damage and thefts.

Here is a reminder of how to prevent theft.

Prevention Tips:

  • Always lock your doors
  • Keep windows rolled up tight
  • Never leave valuables in vehicles (especially wallets, purses, money)
  • Never leave property in vehicles (cell phone, CD player/faceplate, sports equipment)
  • Never leave property in plain view (cell phone cord, CDs, tools)
  • Do not leave valuables in car trunk

If you see any suspicious person(s) loitering or lurking on, or around, campus at any time, immediately call the Department of Public Safety at (651) 962-5555. Please note the physical description of the suspect(s), the last known location and direction of travel. The earlier that Public Safety is notified of a suspicious person, the better chance of apprehension. We urge you to be pro-active and to help prevent crime.

If you have any information about these crimes, you are urged to call the Department of Public Safety at (651) 962-5100 and/or the St. Paul Police Department at (651) 291-1111.



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