By Dr. John Kemper and Dr. Angeline Barretta-Herman, co-chairs, Self-Study Steering Committee

After 18 months of work by five committees comprising 60 people, we are ready to begin to share with the university community the first drafts of chapters of the Self-Study report that is the primary basis for the university’s re-accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

We want — and need — your comments and suggestions as we develop these drafts into a final Self-Study report.

From now to mid-March, each of the report’s six chapters will be posted for two-week time periods on the UST Self-StudyWeb page. After reading through each chapter, you are invited to give feedback and comment on the Self-Study; click on the Comment Form available on Self-Study Web page. Or, if you prefer, you are welcome to submit your comments via e-mail or regular mail to Dr. John Kemper, Mail # OSS 201, or Dr. Angeline Barretta-Herman, Mail # AQU 104.

The introductory chapter is now available for review by St. Thomas students, staff and faculty via a link on the Self-Study Web page. This chapter is an important one. It provides a bit of St. Thomas history, with emphasis on accreditation actions of the past decade. It identifies six special UST requests to the accrediting body since the 1993 visit and notes the university’s various program accreditations. An important part of the chapter is the university’s response to three concerns expressed by the 1993 NCA accrediting team.

At this time, we need your response to this 13-page introductory chapter. From your perspective, have we missed something that ought to be mentioned in this overview? Are dates listed correctly? If your office has been involved in responding to a concern, do you see the picture as it’s described?

Here is the proposed schedule for posting the remaining chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Mission (Feb. 19)
  • Chapter 4: Planning (Feb. 26)
  • Chapter 3: Assessment (March 12)
  • Chapter 5: Integrity (March 19)
  • Chapter 2: Resources (April 2)
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