Senior Stride

Hannah Polsky, Burnsville

Hannah Polsky

President of the St. Thomas Philosophy Club.

Philosophy tutor. Prefect in a Catholic women’s house. Double major who has accrued enough credits to take classes for fun during the spring of her senior year. Study abroad experience in Rome.

Hannah Polsky’s impressive resume goes on and on, but employers won’t be breaking it down and bringing her in for interviews any time soon. Her plans for next year are set: Polsky will join a cloistered Carmelite convent in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, and become a nun.

“I believe it’s God’s call for my life,” Polsky said.

With a Jewish father and Catholic mother, religion always has been an interesting focal point of Polsky’s life. By entering a Carmelite convent – which takes the counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience – she will follow a long tradition of Jewish roots in its order.

“I consider myself a Hebrew Catholic, so the combination of those parts of my background is huge,” Polsky said.

Polsky will go through a five-year discernment process where she may leave at any time before fully taking her vows, which commit her to a life cloistered in one place, barring emergencies. She said her time at St. Thomas has helped affirm her decision, which took some growing used to.

“At first it was difficult to accept, but after prayer I’ve become quite excited about it,” Polsky said.

Plans for next year: Enter a cloistered Carmelite convent.

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