Senior Stride

Chad Berg, Rosemount

For finance and economics double major Chad Berg, the similarities between music and his number-driven studies are clear.

“Basically in music there’s a formula, and that’s the same thing with, say, accounting formulas,” he said. “Everything fits together.”

What wasn’t so clear to Berg as a freshman was the formula for being in an a capella group at St. Thomas. There weren’t any groups to join, which meant making a whole different formula: how to start your own.

“We basically just got a group of guys together. It was, ‘I sing, you sing, do you want to sing together?’” Berg said.

Out of this came the Summit Singers, who have been pleasing St. Thomas audiences (in sizes from dozens to hundreds) ever since.

“It’s tiring to be on stage for two hours, but it’s very rewarding to get that recognition on a large scale,” Berg said. “My favorite times though, have been the rehearsals and the smaller performances. As great as the larger performances are, it’s about the journey. It’s the guys in the group that make it so fun.”

Plans for next year: Currently exploring different fields in finance, Berg said, “I’m just going to see where life takes me.”

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