Senior Stride

Erik Sathe, Hopkins

As a kid who grew up wanting to be a veterinarian, it’s maybe no surprise Erik Sathe was drawn to St. Thomas’ resident lizard man, assistant professor Jerry Husak.

As a kid who also was “really into LEGOs,” it’s maybe no surprise Sathe also was drawn to the physics of how things go together.

Sathe has spent most of his college career at the intersection of those interests, researching how the physical abilities of lizards make them perform in different ways, from running across different surfaces to how hard they bite.

“I’ve spent hours running lizards on treadmills,” Sathe said. “That’s not some- thing very many people have done.”

Sathe’s interest in research has grown along with his exposure to it, and he hopes to continue such work in graduate school.

“A lot of times you think everything is known about everything,” he said. “Through college I’ve learned that’s not the case.”

Plans for next year: Attend graduate school for biology.

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