SHINE invites students to Revamp weekend Feb. 8-9

Join SHINE, a campus-based organization of Christian students, as it begins its seven-week series, "Love All, Serve All." This series will include guest speakers, student testimonies and a challenge to look at things a little differently – a call to love and serve.

The guest speaker on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 8 and 9, is Mike Bernard, program manger for Revamp, a weekend experience in poverty immersion for Twin Cities college students. Revamp participants learn about God’s love for people living in poverty. They also have a lot of fun and enjoy music and an inspiring speaker. Their perspectives are challenged as they hear the stories of Christians living in the city and meet people from all over the region.

If you’d like more information, come to a SHINE meeting and/or check out the Revamp Web site. SHINE meets at 9 p.m. Tuesdays in Koch Commons.

If you’d like to attend Revamp and can’t make it to SHINE, e-mail Sami Tierney or Robbie Brink. Visit the SHINE Web site for more information about this organization.


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