Sign up for Epidemiology course this spring

Sign up for Epidemiology course this spring

Worried about flu shots? Like to know about AIDS prevention? What about bioterrorism? What ever happened to mad cow disease and bird flu? And, what is the obesity epidemic all about? It's questions like these that epidemiology tackles. Really, epidemiology is everywhere!

Sign up for Epidemiology, Health 400, CRN 21931 for spring 2007. The class meets from 8 to 9:40 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What is Epidemiology? It's the study how diseases, health and health-related events are spread through populations and people. Who should know about that?  Everyone, especially people working in community settings. This course can help teachers, social workers, people studying to be nurses and doctors, health educators, public health practitioners, and others who have an interest in social science and health.

Epidemiology 400 will be offered through the Health and Human Performance Department this spring. It's a fun, provocative and challenging course that may change the way you look at health, health care and the diseases around you. It is not a course heavy on calculations.

For more information, e-mail Jenny Oliphant, Epi 400 instructor.