St. Thomas MBA Program Ranks Third Most Affordable in U.S.

One of the biggest considerations in pursuing a graduate education is cost. But while graduate school is never cheap, the University of St. Thomas has worked to make our MBA program as attainable as possible. Our efforts have been recognized was recently recognized by US News as the third most affordable private business school in the country.

How can this be? Many people believe that a private school education automatically equals higher tuition. For undergraduate programs, this is often true. However, at the graduate level prices are more similar no matter the institution (Harvard’s six-figure costs notwithstanding). UST’s tuition is either comparable or lower than competing institutions in the market, both private and public. You can find specifics on the Full-Time MBA’s costs here.

It’s important to note that, while the chart in the US News article lists UST as “rank not published,” we are, in fact, ranked among the top 25% of the nation’s accredited business schools. The UST MBA program is filled with committed staff, distinguished faculty, and excellent students, so we’re confident this ranking will rise in the coming years.

This academic ranking, combined with our lower costs, mean that the UST MBA not only a great program; it’s also a great value.