Staff: Use and Record Vacation, Paid-leave Time, Floating Holiday Before Deadlines

All eligible exempt and non-exempt employees receive either paid-leave time (PLT) or vacation and one floating holiday each fiscal year. The University of St. Thomas’ fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.

Regular Non-Exempt (Hourly) Staff

You accrue PLT each pay period. On Sept. 30, you may carry forward up to 160 hours of PLT. Any hours in excess of this limit are forfeited. Your PLT account balance is provided on each paycheck stub, which can be viewed on Murphy Online.

Each year on Oct. 1, any PLT hours beyond the 160-hour maximum are removed from your account balance. Please review your current PLT account to make sure your balance is 160 hours or less by Sept. 30, 2011.

PLT for part-time staff is prorated based on full-time equivalency (FTE) level.  For example, an employee working .625 FTE can carry forward 100.0 hours of PLT.

Regular Exempt (Salaried) Staff

You receive your vacation allotment at the beginning of each fiscal year and must use your leave time by June 30 of each year. You will forfeit any days left in your vacation account as of June 30. Exempt employees receive a new vacation allotment each year on July 1. To avoid posting your time off in the wrong fiscal year, it is important you record in Murphy Online all vacation you take in a timely manner.

Floating Holidays

All regular full- and part-time employees receive one floating holiday each fiscal year. Eligible employees must use their FY11 floating holiday by June 30, 2011.

Union Members

Employees covered by a labor agreement are encouraged to refer to their contracts for information regarding their vacation, sick leave and holiday benefits.

Requests to use your PLT, vacation and/or a floating holiday must be approved in advance by your supervisor. Make plans early so that you can enjoy your paid time off.