Undergraduate student Adine S.N. Momoh took first place in the most recent student paper contest for the TriState Academy of Legal Studies in Business conference. Her paper, "The Need for International Environmental Law: A Comparison of United States and Canadian Responses to the Kyoto Protocol," was published in the conference proceedings. Momoh had been awarded a UST/Bush Foundation Young Scholar’s Grant to work on the project with Susan Marsnik during the summer of 2005. This is the second time a UST business student has won this award. In 2003, Jeff Kogan won the award for research he had done with Marsnik on Russian Copyright Law.

St. Thomas students also have done well at the Academy of Legal Studies in Business National Student Paper Contest. In 2003, Brian Kallis was a runner-up for the national award with his paper on the impact of the European Union Data Privacy Laws. He presented his paper at the conference, and it was selected for publication in the national proceedings. In 2004, Danielle Hanson’s paper comparing women’s rights legislation in the United States, Mexico and Argentina was selected as a finalist in that contest, and she presented her work at the national conference. Both students worked with Marsnik on their projects.

In August, Mark Brandenburger was a finalist and presented his paper on anti-doping law and professional sports. He worked with Professors Dawn Swink and John Wendt.

It is very unusual for one program to have had so many winners and runners-up so constantly in student paper contests such as these. Says Marsnik, "Our UST undergrads are performing very well in this regard against students from other top-tier business programs."

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