Study abroad: Enter the International Education photo contest

Did you study or volunteer abroad in the last year? Do you have a photo that represents your experience? If yes, then enter the 2004 International Education Photo Contest.

Your photos may be entered into one of two categories and cash prizes will be awarded:

  • An intercultural experience (people), the meeting and mixing of cultures
  • A sense of place (place and scenery), captures the unique atmosphere

Photographer must be a St. Thomas student. Entries may originate from any country but must be in conjunction with a UST study, work or volunteer abroad program.

How to submit photos
Photos or slides may be in color or black and white. Each photo is a single entry and must be accompanied by the Photo Contest Entry Form.

There is a limit of three submissions for each category. The photographer’s name must be on the reverse side of each photo or slide. Write or type on an adhesive material and attach to the back to prevent damage.

Send unmounted entries in a flat package by Oct. 1 to IEC Photo Contest, Mail 44C-1, University of St. Thomas, 2115 Summit Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105.

Entries also can be dropped off at the International Education Center, 44 N. Cleveland Ave., St. Paul campus.

The fine print
Winners will be notified in October and will be asked to submit their negatives of the winning photo(s); negatives will be returned after copies have been made. Each entry becomes UST property; submission of an entry acknowledges the right of UST to use it for exhibition and publication.


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