Why you should submit your application well in advance of posted deadlines

As we all know, it's human nature to put off doing things that aren't "fun" until the last minute.  And most people would agree (admissions directors included) that working on an MBA application is not the most fun way to spend your free time.  However, there are compelling reasons to submit your application well in advance of posted deadlines.

At most universities, including UST, candidates who apply early have the greatest chances of being considered for available scholarships.  Once the scholarships have been awarded, they're gone--there is a finite scholarship budget at every university.  So if you are interested in being considered for these awards, it is advantageous to complete your application early.

Applying earlier often means that you'll receive an admissions decision earlier. This enables you to make plans for the future without rushing around at the last minute.  If you're enrolling in a Full-time MBA program, it gives you time to notify your employer that you'll be quitting your job and prepare to transition your responsibilities to other staff members at your company.  If you're enrolling in an Evening MBA program, it allows you time to make any work or family schedule changes necessary to accommodate your new class schedule, and it also means that you'll have the opportunity to register for classes before students who are admitted later in the application process.  You're more likely to get the classes and times you prefer, and avoid being closed out of popular classes.

Applicants, understandably, are anxious to receive an admissions decision as quickly as possible once they submit their application.  If you submit your application early, when application volume is low, you're more likely to receive a decision quickly.  If you apply on the application deadline along with 80% of the applicant pool for that term, you may have to wait quite a bit longer since the admissions committee will be busy reviewing a large number of applications at once.  This is why the admissions team appreciates early applications--and you will benefit as well!

The Full-time UST MBA program has an upcoming April 15 application deadline for applicants who wish to be considered for scholarships, and a final priority application deadline of June 15 for the Fall 2010 semester.  The Evening MBA program priority application deadline for fall 2010 is June 1.  Our admission teams have already admitted a number of students for fall 2010, and we're eager to work with new applicants who plan to beat the posted deadlines.

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