Over the summer, University Relations and Computing and Communication Services worked together to redesign the UST Web site. One of the challenges of creating a useful university Web site is that it needs to serve so many audiences — faculty, staff, students, parents of students, prospective students and alumni, just to name a few. To meet the needs of these varied groups, we created a set of four portals to the UST Web — some public, some private:

  • wwwUST. This is the “front door” to the UST Web site. It focuses on the interests of Web visitors from outside the St. Thomas community by providing links for prospective students, parents and employees. For example, the wwwUST page provides ready access to Admissions materials.
  • InsideUST. InsideUST provides access to information and services for current faculty, staff and students. For example, InsideUST provides ready access to the RFS (Request for Services) system. InsideUST is intended as sort of a UST “intranet.” An intranet is like a small, private version of the Internet, which allows an organization to share information and resources over the Web without necessarily sharing them with the world at large. InsideUST provides pages that are open to anyone, as well as areas that are restricted by password.
  • WebCampus. WebCampus provides access to Web resources in support of teaching and learning at UST. For example, WebCampus provides ready access to the Student Information System/Murphy Online.
  • MyUST. MyUST is a personal, customizable entry point to the UST Web. Primarily developed for students, this portal includes the student’s class schedule and provides links to other useful information. For example, MyUST includes a link to the Web interface to the UST e-mail system, EMS Web.

All four portals include links to the UST Events Calendar (with information on dates and events), campus maps, searchable directories (to locate individual or departmental phone numbers or addresses), and a search utility for the site.

Of the four portals, InsideUST includes the information and services that members of the UST community access most often. InsideUST includes:

  • Request for Services. Use the RFS system to request services from Telecom, Facilities Scheduling, Food Services, Instructional Support Services, the Management Center, Physical Plant, Public Safety and Parking Services, and the Service Center. RFS previously was available through DISCOVER.
  • Human Resources Vacation Reporting System. Exempt (salaried) staff members can use the Vacation Reporting System to report their vacation time and see how many vacation days they’ve accrued. The Vacation Reporting System previously was available through DISCOVER.
  • Bulletin News and Events Read today’s news and view the UST calendar of events.
  • Departmental Web Pages. You can find Web links for administrative departments (such as ISS or the libraries), academic departments (such as philosophy or economics), UST centers, institutes and programs (such as the Management Center or Catholic Digest), and student clubs and organizations (such as the All College Council or Volunteers in Action). If you’re looking for a phone number, try the Directories link instead.
  • Community Bulletin Board. Post or read public notices. You can use the Bulletin Board to sell your car, ask for a ride, or buy used books (among other things). This feature replaces the Bulletin Board on DISCOVER.

Two services that are not prominently linked from InsideUST are the Student Information System/Murphy Online and EMS Web (the Web interface to our e-mail system). You can access Murphy Online through WebCampus; you can access EMS Web through MyUST or by typing http://www.stthomas.edu/email.

You are encouraged to explore the resources of InsideUST and the rest of the St. Thomas Web site. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact the university Webmaster at Webmaster@stthomas.edu (with general comments about the site) or the administrator for InsideUST at insideust@stthomas.edu (with questions or comments about InsideUST).

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