Technology Today is the new name for the TechKnowledge column that appears in Bulletin Today. This column is devoted to issues related to technology at the University of St. Thomas. It is a joint effort of Computing and Communication Services, Instructional Support Services and the university libraries. Please send your comments to .

Even when you’re off campus, you can access your St. Thomas files. Here’s how to use St. Thomas’ virtual facilities:

EMS Web (Web-based e-mail)

You can get your e-mail through the Web from anywhere in the world. To read and send e-mail through the Web, go to Type your username in the Log On field and click the click here link. This will bring up a dialog box. In the dialog box, you must type ust/ before your username (e.g., ust/jhnewman). Don’t forget to type ust/. If you forget to type that part, you will get an error and you won’t be allowed in. Then type your password in the Password field, and click OK.

For more information about EMS Web, see


MyUST is a personal entry point for UST Web-based resources, primarily developed for students — especially students who don’t spend a lot of time on campus. If you log in to MyUST, you’ll find your class schedule and course Web sites, news and events information from the Bulletin, and more. You can find the MyUST login page at To log in, type your username in the Username field, type your password in the Password field, and click Enter.


InsideUST is the central repository of university information. You can find directories of departments, the Request for Service and Vacation Reporting systems, the Bulletin Today, a Community Bulletin Board where you can post want ads, and much more. If you’re looking for university information, InsideUST is usually the place to start. You can find InsideUST at


WebCampus is a project to help faculty members enhance their classes with online information. If your class has a Web site, you’ll be able to find links to that from the current class lists on the WebCampus home page. You also can get to the Student Information System/Murphy Online and more. You can find WebCampus at

Off-Campus file access

St. Thomas students, faculty, and staff have drag-and-drop access while on campus to two central directories: their central storage directory and their personal Web directory. (For more information on the central storage directory, see For more information on the personal Web directory, see We are in the process of setting up an FTP server, which will allow you to upload and download files to and from these directories from off-campus. We expect this capability to be available by late fall and will make an announcement at that time.

Library electronic databases

The UST libraries subscribe to nearly 100 databases in a wide variety of subject areas. Some of the databases are subject indexes to the literature of the discipline, while others contain the full text of articles from magazines, journals and books. Users from off campus must access these databases via the UST Proxy Server. See for instructions on using the Proxy Server.

Library catalog

Our libraries belong to a consortium of Twin Cities’ private college libraries and the collections of all the libraries are searchable via our online catalog, called CLICnet. Books can be requested from any library and will be delivered to the St. Thomas library most convenient to the user. The catalog is available from our Web page at (Note: Telnet software is required to use the catalog. Most browsers have that capability built in.)

Electronic reserves

Certain classes now are making reserve readings available to students electronically over the Web. If your instructor is participating in this effort, you will receive a password that gives you access to the documents on reserve for your class. See for more information.

Interlibrary loan requests

It now is possible to request books and articles from other libraries without filling out paper forms in the library. See our online electronic request form at (Note: you will need the barcode from your student or faculty ID to use this service.)

UST Media Catalog

The UST Media Catalog is available and keyword searchable via the Web. This catalog contains all the nonprint media holdings of the university. Orders for reservation and delivery of these materials also can be made at this site. The Media Catalog is available at

Image gallery

Looking for current images of the campus to place on your Web site? ISS provides a gallery of UST images within our Showcase (the new millennium version of an annual report!). Check these images at

Online classroom information

Interested in selecting just the right classroom for your teaching style? Did you that know that each classroom
on the St. Paul campus is listed in the ISS Web site? The site lists the equipment that can be found in each room. The classroom listings can be found at

What You Need to Use the Virtual Facilities

To gain access to many of our Web facilities, you’ll need a few things.

Internet access

To use these facilities from home, you’ll need Web access, which you’ll get from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). ISPs provide dial-up (telephone) access to the Internet. There are a large number of ISPs that serve the metro area. For more information on selecting an ISP, see the TechKnowledge column from Friday, September 24th: How to Find an Internet Service Provider.

Your username

To log in to many of these services, you’ll need to know what your username is. Your username consists of your first initial, your middle initial, and your last name. So if your name is John Henry Newman, your username would be jhnewman. There are some exceptions to this rule. Usernames that would be longer than 12 characters are truncated (shortened to the first 12 characters only), and if your username would duplicate an existing username, a number is added (for example, if Julia Harriet Newman enrolled as a student and the jhnewman username already was assigned, her username would be jhnewman1). Finally, we formerly assigned the number 9 in place of an absent middle initial. New accounts for people with no middle initial now consist of just the first initial followed by the last name. (For example, if John Ireland, who has no middle initial, got a St. Thomas e-mail account in 1997, his username is probably j9ireland; if he got a St. Thomas e-mail account for the first time this fall, his username is jireland.)

Your password

To log in, you’ll also need your password.

If you are a student, your starting password is your <first initial><LAST INITIAL><two-digit month of birth><two-digit day of birth><last four digits of your student ID number>. Your last initial should be in uppercase. For most students, your student ID number is the same as your Social Security number. (So, if you are John Henry Newman, born on Feb. 21, with student ID number 123-45-6789, your starting password would be jN02216789.)

The first time you log in, you will have to change your password. If you want to log in for the first time from off-campus, you’ll have to change your password manually; you can do this from the EMS Web home page at Click Change Password. On the Change Password page, enter your username (e.g., jhnewman) in the Username field after the UST\; enter your current password in the Old Password field; enter your new password in the New Password field; and enter your new password again in the Confirm New Password field. Click Submit.

All passwords must be at least six characters long, and must include at least three of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Also, your password may not include your first name, last name or username. Everyone will have to change their password at least every 120 days. (We encourage you to change it more often.) One password will validate your access to almost all campus resources, including your e-mail, your central storage directory, and restricted parts of the campus Web.

If you forget your password, call the Help Desk at 962-6230.

One more off-campus resource — The Help Desk

If you need help using any of these resources, you can call the CCS Help Desk at (651) 962-6230. During semesters, the Help Desk is staffed from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Friday; 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday; and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday. (Hours are shortened during vacations.)

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