By Mike Klein
Coordinator of Volunteer Services

Thank you to everyone who shopped at the Christmas sale on Dec. 7-8 and to the many students who helped out. Special thanks to the students of Volunteers In Action (VIA), VISION and the Coalition for Social Justice.

Your purchases totaled just over $5,000. All of the money raised goes directly to the following charitable organizations represented at the fair:

  • Maria’s Children is an arts project that supports a Russian orphanage.
  • The Regina Project employs recent immigrants at a living wage to make quilts for homeless children.
  • The Heifer Project provides life-sustaining animals to developing communities.
  • Catholic Relief Services supports communities in crisis with humanitarian assistance.
  • The San Lucas Mission addresses health, education and economic issues through the Catholic Church in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala.
  • Ten Thousand Villages supports arts and crafts cooperatives in developing communities around the world.
  • The White Earth Land Recovery Project builds traditional sustainable economies on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, while addressing land issues on the reservation.
  • The VISION Cooperative Project purchases crafts from cooperatives at VISION sites and sells them to the UST community to raise awareness and funding for future sales.

Look for this first-time sale to become an annual event. Thank you again for your support.



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