The Catch-22 of Being in Grad School

While it always seems that the weekend is on the horizon, chances are that it's booked with homework. With work and school ruling the schedule, time is fleeting and as one of my MBA friends put it last week,"Oh look, it's Friday again. Yay me!"

Last year at this time, every spare minute was spent running and training for a 25k trail race held along the Superior Trail in northern Minnesota. While my non-running friends thought I was "nuts" for wanting to run 15-miles, they could at least understand my passion for being outside and training for a race.

Explaining an MBA is a little bit harder. It's a lot of work, and I am only at the beginning. After I post this I have to figure out how to create statistical charts in Excel and also write a few paragraphs on how the cholera epidemic in 19th Century London relates to what I'm learning in class right now.

So as you can imagine, as the weekend approaches, the one question I dread is, "So what do you have planned?"


"But what about something fun?"

I hate that question. Despite being a lot of work, I really enjoy learning new things. This weekend I learned about e-signatures and contracts, Edwards Deming and actions management can take to help staff members improve their productivity (and feelings toward the organization), and how statistics can be manipulated to say almost anything.

So, fun? Well it's no party... but worthwhile? Absolutely.