Students living in UST residence halls have access to three daily newspapers thanks to a student newspaper readership program that began in November.

Approximately 900 papers are delivered weekday mornings to the residence hall front entrances: half are the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, one-fourth are the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and the remaining one-fourth are USA Today.

Of the resident students who voted, a solid majority approved delivery of the three newspapers, at a slight additional cost to their room charge.

"I feel the newspaper readership program was a positive change for St. Thomas,” said John Lucenta, Residence Hall Association president. “I feel the program was warmly accepted by the St. Thomas resident student population by the huge acceptance rate during the referendum which was passed. We get three quality newspapers which will aid in students’ everyday life and interests, as well as in the classroom. I have also had a few of my teachers ask for articles of current events which relate to the class."

Objectives of the readership program are for students to build and retain lifelong interest in reading newspapers to stay informed of national and world events and the circumstances that affect them.



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